3-Day International Chapbook Contest

the 2024 3-Day International Chapbook Contest is on the books! 

August 31, 2024, at 6PM EST – September 2, 2024, at 6PM EST
No later than Tuesday, September 3, 2024, 6PM EST for submission

Theme for 2024: TBA

The Prizes:

  • 1st Prize: $500, soft-cover publication (perfect bound), 50 free copies
  • 2nd Prize: Gift Card, soft-cover publication (perfect bound) 25 free copies
  • 3rd Prize: Gift Card, soft-cover publication (perfect bound) 25 free copies

A Black and white headshot of a women, Diane GlancyFinal Judge:

Diane Glancy is a celebrated poet, playwright, and novelist renowned for her exploration of diverse themes in her writing. Her works delve into the complexities of identity, culture, and spirituality, drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of experiences. With a distinctive voice that weaves together history, myth, and personal reflections, Glancy’s poetry offers profound insights into the human condition and the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity. Her prolific output and literary accolades speak to her standing as a significant figure in contemporary literature.

Diane Glancy was the Headline Poet for the 2024 Great Lakes Poetry Festival. 

Contest Details:

The 2024 International 3-Day Poetry Chapbook Contest is an opportunity for writers to engage for one weekend in the collective spirit of creating new work. The contest is designed to push participants to try new writing methods, ideas, and forms. Following all contest guidelines will help generate poetry that is raw, original, fresh, and exciting.

More details to be announced. Stay tuned! 

Previous winners are ineligible.


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