Create a Low-Cost Holiday Season with Help from PWPL

It’s a year like no other. While the exchange of freedom for safety has been a challenge for many, it’s nothing compared to the economic pinch many people find themselves in as a result of the pandemic. 

If you’re looking for an economical holiday this December 25, consider some fun ideas from PWPL. Most of them are free and just take a little imagination. Consider the following ways to give this holiday season that cost more in love and time than money. 

  • Give your partner the moon. “What is it you want, Mary? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.” This romantic moment from Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” sticks with us all for a reason — we’d all like someone to give us the moon. And this season, it’s even more special. The heavens are about to do something unseen in the last 800 years — Jupiter and Saturn will look like a double planet. It will be visible on the winter solstice. So, plan a night to give your loved one not just the moon but Jupiter and Saturn, too. Gift your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner the moon by planning a night under the stars with one of our telescopes. Do some research ahead of the evening to explain what you are seeing.


  • Create a borrowed exchange within the family household. Readers tend to have books — sometimes too many. And that’s especially true in a family of readers. If you have younger children and all share the same family library card, try out this free way of gifting. Have one sibling peruse the online catalog and borrow a book, movie, music cd, or something from our Library of Things — but have them to it for their other siblings. Each child will learn to think about the unique interests and loves of someone else in the family. It’s a lesson in empathy and will be sure to create family bonds. The best part? You can return it all on December 26 in the library dropbox – no worries about where to store things.


  • Cook something special. If you are struggling to get something for those people in your life who have it all, consider cooking them a meal. At this stage of the pandemic, we are all tired of our own food, and cooking is both a useful and thoughtful gift. If you get ambitious, make a cake and use one of our unique cake pan options. Our array of cookbooks could also give you inspiration. And if you didn’t schedule your curbside pick up in time, don’t worry. Check out the options for cookbooks in our digital library through Libby.


  • Gift music. Learn a song and play it for your loved one. Grandmothers to girlfriends will love you forever, and though it’s fleeting, the memory of such a gift will last a lot longer than flowers. If you need some ideas to get started, check out our wide selection of CDs. Music books abound in the upstairs’ stacks, too. For those who are truly ambitious, consider borrowing a ukelele from our Library of Things.


  • Capture the moment. A gift for all the mothers in your life is simple – a picture. The capture of a moment is an amazing gift. While we can do it from most of our phones, consider how precious an actual photograph would be. For the truly nostalgic, check out one of our Polaroid cameras. The film is a touch pricey at $18 for 10 shots, but the equipment is free from Peter White Public Library.


  • Create a Family Tree. Taking time to understand your past is a gift to you, your immediate family, and even your future family. A tree is fairly easy to draw, and there are many templates for family trees available online or on our shelves. If you want some help with the genealogy aspect, talk with Adult Services in the reference department. In fact, some events are already on our calendar. Volunteers from the Marquette Genealogy Society will be available to guide you on Dec 9 and Dec 16. Call 906-226-4311 for more information.

Use Your Imagination Before Your Wallet

The most meaningful gifts don’t come from box stores or online retail giants. They come from the connection you share with each other. Leverage that connection to come up with presents that your loved one will remember for a lifetime. Though this year has been a challenge, it does present us with the opportunity to create a holiday like no other to accompany a year that is the same!

A New Kind of Holiday Tradition
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