Adopted by Board of Trustees of the Peter White Public Library June 17, 2015, updated 8/4/17.

To ensure safety for Peter White Public Library staff and customers, the Board of Trustees of the Peter White Public Library has adopted the following policy regarding animals on the library grounds and inside the library facility.

Animals, except for specially trained service animals, are not allowed in the building without the prior approval of the Library Director, Assistant Library Director or a supervisor. Animals may not be left unattended on library grounds. Animals may not be tied to doors, railings, fences, bike racks, trees, shrubs, book boxes, or other items on library grounds.

Animals used for law enforcement purposes will be allowed on Peter White Public Library property in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.
Any animal on Peter White Public Library property must be under control of the owner or handler at all times. Animals must be leashed, harnessed, crated, or carried in a way that maintains control over the animal.
Any animal that displays behavior that poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other may be asked to leave the library. This behavior includes vicious behavior towards humans or other animals, barking, snarling or growling or other aggressive behavior.
Animals that are not housebroken or that urinate or defecate in the library may be asked to leave.
All animals permitted on Peter White Public Library property must be vaccinated and licensed in accordance with state and local laws.  Vaccination and license information must be readily available on a tag or certificate.
The Peter White Public Library is not required to provide supplies or equipment or for the care or supervision of an animal on Library property.
Service Animals

A service animal is considered an accommodation by Federal and Michigan Law. The Americans with Disabilities Act requirements identifies a service animal as a dog that is specially trained to assist a person with a disability. A service animal may assist a person with a vision, hearing, or physical disability. The work performed by the service animal must be directly related to the handler’s disability.

Michigan Law identifies interfering with a working service animal or to harass or abuse it as a misdemeanor.
Dogs in training to become a service animal are welcome at the Peter White Public Library as long as the animal is clearly identified (by vest,ID card or some other means). The animal’s trainer should identify himself or herself to PWPL staff upon entering the Library.

Certified Therapy Animals
The Peter White Public Library recognizes the role certified therapy animals play in library programming. Therapy animals are welcome at PWPL as part of Library programming.
Therapy animals must follow all PWPL policies.
The handler of a therapy animal should be able to provide the PWPL with the animal’s certification from a recognized Therapy Animal Organization upon request.
Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals
The Peter White Public Library understands that emotional support animals and/or comfort animals play a valid role in the lives of their owners. State and Federal Laws do not recognize emotional support animals or comfort animals as a service animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The status of an emotional support animal as a legally recognized service animal is not recognized by the Peter White Public Library.
Emotional support animals may be permitted on the Peter White Public Library grounds with previous approval of the Library Director, Assistant Library Director or a Supervisor.
The owner of an emotional support animal should request the approval for the animal to be granted access to the PWPL in advance in writing. This request should contain a valid license and immunization record for the animal as required by local and state regulations.
In addition to a written request, the owner is required to provide the following from a licensed medical or mental health professional. This letter must
  • Be written on letterhead;
  • Contain the title, address, license number and phone number of the professional;
  • Verify that the person listed in the letter is under the care of the assessing physician or mental health professional;
  • Verify that the animal is required for emotional support or as a psychiatric service;
  • Not be dated not more than one year prior to the date it is presented.
Violation of this Policy
Persons found to be in violation of this policy will be disciplined following the guidelines set forth in the Peter White Public Library Code of Conduct.
The Library staff will keep a written log of contact staff member(s) have with a Library visitor who violates one or more of these rules.  Each service desk will have a log.  A copy of each form will be submitted to the Library Director immediately following an incident.