Peter White Public Library offers Internet access, electronic databases, and computer workstations to fulfill the information, educational, recreational, and entertainment needs of the community.

The Peter White Public Library online catalog and research databases are available during our walk-in hours.

Methods of Access

Access to other Peter White Public Library computers and the Internet is provided without charge. If you do not have a PWPL card, you can still use the computers with a guest pass.

Visitors to the area may request a guest card for one-time use. Time limits for patron cards also apply to guest passes.

Two free, public Internet stations are available for 15 minutes. One is located on the Main Floor across from the Circulation Desk, and a second station is on the second level, near the Reference Desk. These Express Stations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Use of Computer Drives
Patrons can save, copy, move, paste and/or delete files to the following mediums:

Floppy Drive (A:)
No preparation time is needed. Not available on computers inside the Computer Lab.CD Drive (D:)  -   Available on the 8 computers outside the Computer Lab
Preparation of a blank CD happens automatically upon first use and takes about 10-15 minutes.  This is a one-time operation that allows the CD to be used in any computer; otherwise, it would only be useable on one of the eight PWPL computers outside the lab.  When ejecting a CD, it goes through a shorter "automatic" preparation process of about 2 minutes or less.Flash/Jump Drive, also known as a thumb drive (E:)  - Available on all public computers.

Temporary file storage is allowed in the folder  "Documents Folder" on the Desktop.  However, any files left in this folder will be deleted automatically upon using the "Logout" button and/or restarting the computer.
Downloading music, videos, and software is prohibited. We are not equipped to handle the load this would put on our system, plus the security risks are too great.

Burning and/or making copies of music or video CDs is also prohibited due to copyright laws.

Restricting Use of the Internet by Minors

Restricting the use of library materials by minors is the responsibility of parents or legal guardians. The Peter White Public Library staff is unable to act in the place of a parent or guardian in advising minor children on acceptable use of the Internet. The Library cannot enforce any limitations which a parent or guardian may place on a child's use of the Internet.

Parents or legal guardians may request that a child's card is blocked from using the self-sign-in system, but staff cannot ensure that a child does not gain Internet access in other ways. A parent or guardian who wishes to deny access to the Internet by his/her child is required to complete a Minor Internet Access Restriction Form (Form available at Circulation Desk).

Internet Access Policy

The Internet (World Wide Web) offers a wealth of information. However, not all sources provide accurate, age-appropriate, current, or legal information that is acceptable to everyone. Users need to evaluate for themselves the validity of all information found.

The Library reserves the right to set limitations on the use of electronic resources.

Internet access is filtered at the Library. However, filters are unsuccessful in limiting access to all websites that some individuals may find objectionable. Due to the nature of the Internet, despite its efforts, the Library cannot ensure the availability, accuracy, accessibility, or even appropriateness, of electronic resources.

Users of the Library's Internet access via workstations or data ports must observe copyright and communication laws and others' right to privacy.

Illegal activities or any other activities intended to disrupt computer or network services or equipment are prohibited.

Individuals are prohibited from using Library resources for illegal purposes as may be defined by applicable local, state, or federal law and may be subject to prosecution for violation.

Patron Responsibilities

All patrons using Library computers or accessing the Internet via Library data ports must comply with the following Peter White Public Library Computer/Internet Use Guidelines.

  • Internet workstations are in public areas shared by people of all ages. Users are responsible for the selection of sites and should be aware that others may be involuntarily exposed to what is displayed. Library patrons are advised that displaying pages depicting pornography is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited. Staff are authorized to ask computer users to stop using the Internet if they are displaying pornography.
  • Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for monitoring the Internet activity and choice of workstations by minors. Filtering software does not replace the need for parental guidance.
  • Patrons who wish to use the public access computers must have their own library bar code. To protect patron's accounts, staff is prohibited from supplying card numbers to patrons who forget their cards. Library cards are not transferable. Do not allow others to use your card.
  • Patrons must respect the posted time limits. All patrons are limited to three hours of access per day except when the lab is closed. During lab closures, time limits may be set at one hour per day per user, at the discretion of PWPL staff.
  • Patrons must respect the privacy of others using the computers and their right to a quiet environment. Patrons who are disturbing others may be asked to leave.
  • The Library's security systems may interfere with a patron's ability to perform certain tasks. Some examples include: downloading file attachments, opening zip files, and reading privately owned CD-ROM programs. While the Library recognizes that may be an occasional inconvenience, patrons must recognize that the Library's priority must be to maintain the integrity of hardware and software. Staff cannot circumvent security systems to accommodate specific requests for service.
  • Patrons should recognize that the Library Staff does not have time or expertise to assist individuals with specific software or to give individualized computer lessons. The Library occasionally offers introductory classes to help patrons become familiar with electronic resources. Patrons should also be aware of the introductory materials in the Library's collection.

Library Responsibilities

The Library and its staff will:

  • Make patrons aware of the Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines through signs and brochures and on the Library's website.
  • Use reasonable efforts to ensure compliance with the Use Policy and Guidelines.
  • Respond to patron complaints through appropriate channels.
  • Take measures to ensure the privacy of patrons on workstations.
  • Offer assistance to patrons when time and knowledge permit. Library staff may not be familiar with all software products available for use. Patrons are encouraged to attend classes when offered at PWPL and to consult the many other resources at PWPL for help.

Computers in Youth Services Department (Lower Level)

The Peter White Public Library Youth Services Department offers four public access Internet computers for use by children. These computers are restricted for use by children 14 years of age or younger.
The Youth Services Department computers will not allow for chat instant messaging or social media accounts. They are intended for informational and educational use.
The Youth Services Department computers are scheduled for a period of 30 minutes per user. The staff may allow time extensions if other patrons are not scheduled or waiting for computers.
Adults may use these computers if a minor accompanies them. Library staff reserves the right to remove an adult from these computers if they are not using the computers for their intended purpose, or children are waiting to use the computers.
All other rules and regulations detailed in the Peter White Public Library Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines will apply.

Prohibited Activities

Any activity that interferes with or disrupts computer access is prohibited. The Peter White Public Library reserves the right to restrict computer and Internet access to violators. When it is appropriate, violators will also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Examples of misuse include:

  • Use of workstations for illegal or criminal purposes or to seek access to unauthorized areas.
  • Infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights.
  • Subverting or attempting to subvert any security devices in either software or hardware format.
  • Attempting to install viruses or other programs designed to damage or alter software.
  • Installing/downloading any software on Library computers.
  • Theft of, vandalizing, damaging or altering equipment, software or configurations.
  • Sending unsolicited commercial material or "spamming."
  • Misrepresenting oneself as another user.
  • Attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data belonging to others.
  • Patrons using data ports must use designated ports and may not disconnect library equipment.

Consequences of Violating Computer Use Guidelines

Library staff will determine if a patron has violated the Peter White Public Library Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines. Consequences are based on the severity of the infraction. For most violations, the following procedure will apply.

First Warning

The patron will be informed in person by Staff of the Peter White Public Library rule(s) that has been violated and will be given a verbal warning. The patron will be asked to leave the Library for a period of 24 hours.

Second Warning

The patron will be informed, by letter, of the Peter White Public Library rule(s) that has been violated. The patron will be banned from using public access computers/Internet for a period of seven calendar days.

Third Warning

The patron will be informed, by letter, of the Peter White Public Library rule(s) that has been violated. The patron will be banned from using public access computers/Internet for a period of 28 calendar days.

Fourth Warning

The patron will be informed, by letter, of the Peter White Public Library rule(s) that has been violated. The patron will be banned from using public access computers/Internet for a period of 180 days.
Immediate disciplinary action, including prosecution, will be taken if a patron uses the Library's computers for illegal purposes, steals Library property or intentionally abuses or vandalizes Library equipment.
A user who has been notified of a violation of the Peter White Public Library Computer and Internet Use Policy and Guidelines may schedule a hearing with the Library Director. If the user is a minor, a parent or legal guardian must attend the hearing. To schedule an appointment with the Library Director, please call 228.7434.