I need help placing a hold and scheduling Curbside Pickup.

Holds and Curbside Guide
Wondering how to place a hold? Schedule Curbside?

Check out this Helpful Guide.


I've already placed my hold(s) AND have received a PWPL confirmation message

Schedule a Pickup

Have you received a text, email or phone notification that your hold is ready for pickup?

If you haven't received a confirmation that your hold is READY for pickup, please WAIT to schedule your curbside pickup appointment. If you would like to request items for pickup via curbside, please go to your library account by clicking here. Need help? Just call (906) 228-9510.

Schedule a curbside pickup appointment by clicking here or use the link below. The form is very simple. Choose your date, time and respond to a few quick questions.

You're all set! See you at curbside pickup!



What To Do When You Come to the Library for Curbside Pickup

The library has designated curbside pickup parking spaces near the southwest side of the building, in the library parking lot. Please arrive within 2 hours of your appointment time. We will have your order packaged for you by the time of your appointment.

When you arrive, call (906) 228-9510. Let the staff know you are here. We will bring your items to you!

Please unlock your back door or pop your trunk for library staff to be able to place the items in your vehicle.


I would like to place library materials on hold for curbside pickup.

Place a hold
Want to request materials to pickup at curbside?

Go to your PWPL account and place one or more holds on library materials. Then, WAIT until you receive a confirmation text, email or automated phone call from PWPL to schedule your curbside pickup appointment. Wondering how to place a hold? Please call (906) 228-9510 for assistance. Check out this Helpful Guide.