Upcoming Elections

August 4, 2020
Sands Township: Services Renewal
Skandia Township: Services Renewal

November 3, 2020
Marquette Township: Services Renewal
Chocolay Township: Services Renewal
West Branch Township: Services Renewal

What's on the Ballot for the Library?

Renewal of the current township library service millage with a rate of 1.0 mils (or as reduced by the headlee amendment).

Find out how much you pay with property taxes in support of the Peter White Public Library using the millage impact calculator below. (The library has a perpetual millage with the City of Marquette, therefore there will not be a ballot proposal in the City of Marquette for library services in 2020).


What a Library Millage Supports

Information Access


Culture and Programs

24-hour access to eLibrary:
eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, streaming movies and wifi
Access to 185,000 materials:
books, movies and more.Holds pickup in Sands Township.

Township book return locations: Sands, Skandia and Marquette Townships.

Library programs and cultural opportunities. Online and in-person. All ages.



We're open Mon-Thurs, 10-6, & Fri-Sat, 10-5. Curbside & Digital Are Also Available. For more, click here.
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