Enjoy complimentary access to New York Times.com through Peter White Public Library and the NYTimes.com Program for Public Libraries.
As cardholders of Peter White Public Library, you may access NYTimes.com in one of three ways:
1) When you visit Peter White Public Library, you may sit at any of our public computers, log in using your library card number and pin, open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Opera), and go to NYTimes.com/register. You can then read as much of the newspaper as you wish within your three hours of daily computer time.
2) If you are at Peter White Public Library you may also use your own device to fully access the NY Times. Again, using a browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Opera), go to NYTimes.com/register. The first time you do so you will follow the prompts to create a free account (through either your Facebook account, your Google account, or your email account). After you create an account, you may visit NYTimes.com and log in using your account information any time you visit PWPL.
3) When you are not at Peter White Public Library, click here:  NY Times for Libraries (link also available on Library Apps page).  From the NY Times page, click on “redeem,” and follow the prompts to get 72 hours of free access to NYTimes.com.
Due to copyright issues, NYT articles published between 1923-1980 are not available using this program.
We hope you enjoy your access to NYTimes.com, another benefit of being a patron of Peter White Public Library.

Free Access to the New York Times for PWPL patrons