During Express Walk-In Hours, Group Study Rooms Are Available at One Checkout per Room per Day.

There are three study rooms available at the Peter White Public Library (PWPL) on the second floor of the library. These rooms are intended for groups of 1-6 people (depending on the room). These study rooms are intended for collaborative work, short meetings, quiet study, and research but may be used by individuals.

The rooms are not available for fundraising or for-profit services/products unless explicitly allowed by PWPL Administration. Policies and rules conducting their use (listed below) are designed to provide safe and equitable access. Library activities have first priority. The library reserves the right to use the room at any time and/or cancel a checkout.

The library is not responsible for loss or damage to materials owned by study room users. Personal belongings may not be used to reserve a room. Any belongings left behind will be turned into Lost & Found. The library does not sponsor or endorse the views of any group or individual using the rooms. An individual or group may not imply the library is a sponsor unless explicitly allowed by PWPL Administration.

Room Checkout

Hours available: Rooms are only available during regular operating hours; after-hours use is not permitted. Rooms close 15 minutes prior to regular library closing time.

Rooms cannot be reserved but will be checked out based on availability. A library card is needed to check out any of the study rooms. There is a 2-hour time limit per library cardholder per day. Rooms shall remain locked when not in use. Users of the study rooms are responsible for leaving the rooms in a neat and orderly condition. When finished using a study room, please notify staff. The room will be checked for condition. Failure to do so may result in the denial of future requests to use a study room.


  • At least one person using the room must be a cardholder
  • Individuals requesting use of a Small Group Study Room must be at least 17 years old.  Minors may use a study room only if accompanied by an adult age 21 or over
  • Maximum of 6 people per room
  • All library Code of Conduct rules apply to study rooms
  • Covered drinks only, no food allowed
  • Excessive noise is not allowed. Please refrain from using speakers
  • Once a room has been vacant for more than 15 minutes, any remaining items in the room will be brought to the Lost & Found
  • All study rooms must be vacated fifteen (15) minutes prior to the library closing
  • Users of study rooms may not charge for admission, conduct fees, or sell goods or services
  • Doors may not be blocked; windows and doors in the study rooms may not be covered. Nothing should be taped or adhered to the furniture, walls, windows, or doors
  • Rooms cannot be checked out on cards with more than $10.00 in fines. If a library card has $10.00 or more in fines, you will need to pay your fines in FULL in order to use a study room

Limits on Use

  • If a person or group is too noisy, one warning will be issued. A second warning will result in loss of ability to use the room for one day.
  • Violation of these policies and/or library Code of Conduct may prevent library cardholders from being able to use the rooms again. Violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Damages and Liability

Peter White Public Library cardholders who book a study room agree and understand that they take full responsibility for the actions of themselves and anyone in their group. The cardholder to which the room is checked out while using the study room will be held responsible for any damage to library property caused by the individual or group. They will be held accountable for violations of this policy and the Library Code of Conduct.

The Board of Trustees of the Peter White Public Library will review the Small Group Study Room Policy periodically and reserves the right to alter them at any time. The Board authorizes the Library Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances. The Library Director has the power and final say regarding the availability and use of the study rooms.