Mohawk Flooring, a carpet manufacturer is standing behind its warranty. The newly installed carpet failed to adhere at the Peter White Public Library, following the 2019 renovations. Mohawk Industries, from northern Georgia will remove and re-install all the carpet on two floors of the library. This work is covered by warranty and comes at no expense to the tax-payers. Carpet on the Lower Level did not fail and replacement is not needed. The carpet failure at PWPL was noticed shortly after the completion of the $4.2 million dollar renovation project in the summer of 2019. PWPL Director Andrea Ingmire says she’s pleased the company will correct the problem, as numerous carpet squares are peeling up, causing a tripping hazard.

“The carpet replacement was a large financial investment and we are very fortunate to have the support of Closner Construction and Gegare Tile, who helped to hold Mohawk accountable for their products”, said Ingmire. “While inconvenient, we are happy the company is standing behind their guarantee.”

Work will begin on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 and is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving. Mohawk Industries hired Certified Installers in North Carolina to re-install the carpet. They will use shelf-movers to shuffle fully-loaded book shelves around the building while they carpet under the collections. Library programming will take place as scheduled. Library staff doesn’t anticipate having to reschedule any groups who have reserved meeting space.

Two 26 foot trucks, used to bring and remove carpet, will also be parked in the library parking lot, causing some traffic congestion for a short time.

While the temporary relocation of shelves might make it difficult to find things, library staff will be on hand to help navigate the work areas.

“We anticipate moving the shelves on a daily basis, which will be fairly inconvenient for our patrons”, said Jeni Kilpela, Communications Coordinator at PWPL. “Library staff will make every effort to help users find materials and meeting rooms, as we work around the carpet installers.”

Patrons are encouraged to call the check-out desk with any questions about building access during this brief building project.

“We plan to operate as normal”, says Kilpela. “As normal as we can with most of our belongings moving around for the next two weeks. Librarians love a good challenge and we’re striving to produce un-interrupted service to our patrons throughout this process.”





Manufacturer to Replace Failed Carpet at Peter White Public Library
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