Marquette County Stories of the Pandemic: Share Your Story

Northern Michigan University, the Peter White Public Library, Marquette Arts & Culture Center, and the Marquette Regional History Center are working together to document personal experiences during the COVID-19 crisis. How has COVID-19 affected your daily life? Please share your stories, artwork, and music with us so that we can preserve these for future generations.

Submit your stories and view the stories of others here:

Below are the types of materials and topics we are looking to collect. We will be collecting physical materials when it is safe to do so.


  • Diary (summary of daily activities) or journal (reflection on events)
  • Voice or video recordings
  • Oral histories
  • Social media posts
  • Photos
  • Poetry or short stories
  • Digital art or photos of physical art
  • Crafts or photos of crafts
  • Scrapbooks
  • Music
  • Medical equipment (once no longer needed)
  • Ephemera from cancelled events (graduation gown, sports uniforms, costumes from cancelled plays, etc.)
  • Communication equipment (webcams, cell phones, etc.)
  • Window displays or photos of window displays (hearts seen around town)
  • Furniture/equipment (home office, recreational equipment, etc.)


  • The shift to distance learning
  • Displacement from campus
  • Working from home remotely
  • Passing the time
  • Staying in touch with friends and family
  • Local group activities
  • Front-line worker stories (grocery, banker, law enforcement, and healthcare workers)
  • PPE creation by local institutions and people
  • Social distancing
  • Self-quarantine
  • Changes in leisure activities, celebrations, religious events


Feel free to email the Reference Desk with any questions.