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All Meeting Rooms are temporarily closed except for the Community Room, which is available for limited reservations. For more information, please contact Brett at 906-226-4300,, or ask for her at the Circulation Desk.

(For the Marquette Arts and Culture Center workshop and gallery space on the lower level, call 906/228-0472.)
Meeting Room Policy (Revised: March 17, 2015)

The Peter White Public Library encourages public use of its meeting room facilities in an effort to achieve our mission. "The mission of the Peter White Public Library is to enrich the community through access to library services and cultural opportunities."

The Meeting Room Policy establishes the guidelines and procedures for the use of these facilities. The use of these meeting facilities by any individual or organization signifies their acceptance of the Meeting Room Policy.

Individuals and/or organizations that do not comply with the Peter White Public Library Meeting Room Policy may be restricted from further use of the meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms are available during regular Library business hours.

Groups using the Meeting Rooms must vacate the rooms at least 15 minutes before closing.

The Community Room may be available beyond the Library's normal business hours. Use prior to or after regular hours will be determined based on staff scheduling and other events that are scheduled for the facility. Use of the Community Room during non-business hours will result in a fee for use. After-hours events must be scheduled at least 45 days in advance to ensure proper staffing of the facility.

Meeting Rooms are not available during Library holidays or other times the Library is closed (for example: inclement weather, utility outage, etc.)

The PWPL Meeting Room Policy serves as a guide to assist users and Library Staff to implement an equitable and fair policy. Exceptions to the Policy may be made, as circumstances warrant, by the Library Director and/or Board of Trustees of the Peter White Public Library.

Available Facilities

The Board of Trustees has approved a $15.00 non-refundable booking fee for select meeting rooms.  This fee must be paid at the time of the booking and will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the meeting unless the cancellation is caused by PWPL.

Attendance at all events will be limited by the capacity of the individual meeting rooms that is listed on the chart detailing each room and its features.  Capacity has been established by the City of Marquette Fire Department to assure safety, therefore, standing room and seating arranged outside of the meeting room is prohibited.

Peter White Conference Room:  Located on the main level and near the west entrance of the Peter White Public Library and the elevator, this conference room seats 15.

Dandelion Cottage Room:  Located on the main level and adjacent to the Huron Mountain Club Gallery, this small conference room is equipped with a table that seats 10.

Lions Room:  Located on the main level and adjacent to the Huron Mountain Club Gallery, this larger conference room seats 16-20.

George Shiras III Room:  Located on the second level in the 1904 building, this room will accommodate 40 people in theater seating.  See more room set-up options in the room reservation system.  A podium and a screen are available in this room and a computer projector may be rented for $25 upon request.  There is a $15.00 non-refundable booking fee for this meeting room.

Heritage Room:  (formerly the Business Reference Room) More details coming soon.
Community Room:  Located on the lower level of the Library, the Community Room features a stage, lighting and overhead projector and large projection screen.  A basic PA system and podium are available and a computer projector may be rented for $25 upon request.  It will seat 150 people in theater style or 50 people at tables.  Look for more set-up options are available on our online reservation system.  Our Petrof concert grand piano is located on the east end of the stage and is available for use at musical activities for a $100 flat fee (no charge for one use per month.  There is a $15.00 non-refundable fee for booking this room.

Peter White Public Library programs take precedence over all other events. The second priority for scheduling will be granted to the Marquette Arts & Culture Center (MACC). All other applications for use are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Community Room, Computer Lab, and George Shiras III Room all require a $15.00 non-refundable booking fee at the time of the reservation.  This fee must be paid at the time the room is requested.  The booking will not be approved until this fee is received by the PWPL.

There is no charge for use of the Peter White Conference Room, Lions Room, or Dandelion Cottage Room if the individual or group using the room holds a non-profit status, if the activity held in the facility is open to everyone without a fee, and is held for the benefit of the citizenry. Groups who meet the prior criteria reserving the Community Room or Shiras Room shall be charged a $15.00 non-refundable booking fee.

Programs should provide information that benefits the participants in an educational, cultural, or recreational manner. Discussion groups, panel discussions, lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, dramatic presentations, travelogues, musical performances, literary readings, debates, displays, films, exhibits or demonstrations are all suggested uses for these facilities.

In order to provide access to meeting room facilities, no individual or group may schedule use of the meeting room facilities more often than once a month, or schedule more than one meeting room at the same time and on the same day.

A fee schedule will be used if the individual or organization using the facilities is soliciting, charging admission, raising money or conducting sales. This type of use is generally not allowed on Library property, but exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Library Board of Trustees or Library Director.

Nonprofit Organizations and community groups are allowed to reserve one PWPL facility without charge one time per month if the activity is provided free of charge to the public and is held for the benefit of the citizenry. If a non-profit organization wishes to use more than one PWPL facility during the calendar month, a fee may apply. The rental fee for more than one use per month will be assessed per the Facility Usage Fee Schedule.

A fee schedule will also apply to before and after-hours use of the facility, excessive facility set-up and take-down required by Library Staff, and use of certain Library equipment and furnishings.

An application for facility use will not be approved until payment of the booking fee and any rental fees for the facility is received. Persons scheduling events should be prepared to pay the rental fee at the time the application for the facility is made. Equipment rental fees are due the date of the event.

Approval for use of the Peter White Public Library meeting facilities does not constitute endorsement of the activity or viewpoints expressed during the presentation by the Peter White Public Library or the City of Marquette.

Meeting rooms may be used for social gatherings such as weddings, funerals, showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, dances, etc. for a fee of $250.00 plus any additional fees that apply according to the Facility Usage Fee Schedule and Equipment Fee Schedule (see below).

Smoking on Library grounds and in Library facilities is prohibited.

Serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Open flames of any kind (candles, food warmers, etc.) are prohibited.

Reservations and Application Procedure

Reservations for meeting facilities must be made on the PWPL online reservation platform. A reservation is not confirmed until the individual or organization requesting space pays for the booking fee and any rental fees and receives an email confirmation of the reservation from the Library Administrative Assistant.

Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made six months in advance.

If a meeting is cancelled or rescheduled, the organization or individual reserving space must contact the Library as soon as possible.  The booking fee is non-refundable.

If an organization or individual fails to show for two or more scheduled events, the Library may suspend the organization/individual's facility use privileges for six months.

An individual or organization that fails to show for a scheduled event will forfeit use of the facility 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the event.

Individuals or organizations may not schedule meeting room facilities on behalf of other individuals or organizations, nor may they transfer their reservation for a scheduled event to another.

Care and Use of Facilities

The meeting room will be set up by PWPL maintenance staff according the directions provided by the event sponsor. A fee will be charged according to the Facility Usage Fee Schedule if excessive set-up or tear-down is required.

Furniture and equipment from the Library may not be moved to the meeting rooms or from the meeting rooms without the prior written approval of the Library Director.

Equipment, supplies, displays, personal effects, etc. cannot be stored in the Library meeting rooms before or after use for a scheduled meeting. If equipment, supplies, displays, personal effects, etc. are used during the event, it is the responsibility of the individual or organization to deliver and set-up these items. It is also the responsibility of the individual/organization to remove such items immediately after the scheduled event.

Public entrances are to be used for entrance to and exit from the building and for all deliveries. Emergency exits are to be used in case of emergency only.

Exits from the meeting room and building must be unlocked at all times. Room arrangements must ensure that open aisles and clear access to the exits are maintained at all times.

The individual and/or organization reserving the meeting room facilities is responsible for compliance with the PWPL Meeting Room Policy, the safe use of the facilities and the payment to replace lost or damaged furnishings or equipment. The Library reserves the right to suspend meeting room use by an organization or individual until all damage fees have been paid.

PWPL public room users may furnish their own refreshments or contract with a caterer of their choice. There are no kitchen facilities available on-site.

PWPL Room Fee Schedule
No admission charge/non profit use Commercial and/or charging admission
Before and after hours fees:
Per hour use $25.00 $50.00
Set Up $25.00/hour $50.00/hour
Take Down $25.00/hour $50.00/hour
Computer Lab
2 Hours or Less $ 75.00 $150.00
4 Hours or Less $150.00 $300.00
8 Hours or Less $300.00 $600.00
Conference Rooms
(PWPL, Lions, Dandelion Cottage)
One Time per Month No Fee $25.00/hour
More than One Time per Month $25.00/hour $25.00/hour
Community, Shiras, or Heritage Room
One Time per Month $15.00 Booking Fee $50.00/hour
More than One Time per Month $25.00/hour $50.00/Hour
Social Event $250.00 $250.00
Express In-Person hours are Mon-Thurs, 12-6, and Fri-Sat, 12-5. For more info, click here.
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