Summer Learning Through WNMU

Exciting news is coming from WNMU-TV’s  Michigan Learning Channel, a statewide project connecting Michigan students (Pre-K – 12th graders) with high-quality distance learning content via a 24-7 broadcast television channel, streaming service, and a robust website with on-demand videos and supplemental materials. Parents and educators alike will be excited to learn that all content aligns with Michigan State Standards and is delivered primarily by Michigan educators.

About the Michigan Learning Channel

This free digital resource has been created to supplement and extend classroom teaching in support of student growth and achievement. An exciting, 8- week Summer Program begins Monday, June 21. It offers students the chance to review concepts taught during the school year, recover missed learning due to the pandemic, and prepare for the school year ahead via digital content, virtual events, and Summer Activity Books. Learn more about this amazing initiative and all its scheduled virtual events here –  MLC SUMMER FLYER EVENTS PROGRAM

Catch Up on Academic Misses for 2020/2021 School Year

This last year was one like none other, and educators in the Upper Peninsula went to great lengths to ensure students got the information they needed to get them to the next stage. However, despite their dedication, many hurdles stood in the way of learning. Some of those hurdles involved quarantining, new digital expectations, and simple anxiety from dealing with such an unusual year. Michigan Learning Channel offers students a way to excel despite the roadblocks of the previous year.

Engage Your Brain This Summer and Beyond with PWPL

Find age-specific learning for your children this summer at the Peter White Public Library and through the amazing partnership of WNMU and Michigan Learning Channel.



New PK-12 Resources for UP Libraries 

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