The new small group study rooms are open and ready to work in on the Upper Level of the Peter White Public Library. These three new, modern, glass rooms hold 1-6 people and are intended for collaborative work, short meetings, quiet study, and research.
Unlike our other six meeting rooms, which can be reserved, these rooms are first come, first served. They will be checked out based on availability. A library card is needed to checkout any of the study rooms and there is a 2-hour time limit per library cardholder per day. (This policy will be reevaluated after we’ve had time to see how often the rooms are used.) Cardholders must be at least 17 years old to checkout a room. Minors may use a study room only if accompanied by an adult age 21 or over. The rooms are available anytime the library is open, but must be vacated fifteen minutes prior to closing.
All library Code of Conduct rules apply to the study rooms. The rooms are not available for fundraising or for-profit services/products unless explicitly allowed by PWPL Administration. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to materials owned by study room users. Personal belongings may not be used to reserve a room. The library does not sponsor or endorse the views of any group or individual using the rooms.
We hope you will enjoy these new spaces! Questions? Let us know at or at 906-226-4309
Small Group Study Room Use Policy

New Small Group Study Rooms at PWPL