All meeting rooms are now open, except the Lions and Heritage rooms.

For more information, please contact Andrea at (906) 226-4303,, or ask for her at the Circulation Desk

Welcome to our online room reservation system.

We hope this online experience saves you time (it should take 2-5 minutes online and 2 business days for confirmation).
1. Before you enter the system,

  • Review our Room Reservation Policy, paying close attention to the fee section. (You will be asked to agree to our terms later in the process.)
  • Choose dates that will work for you and your group.
  • Familiarize yourself with our room choices.

2. Enter our online system.
3. From this first screen, simply click the bright blue “Request a Room” link
4. The next screen has three sections.  All three sections must be completed.  (You will need to scroll)
The first section in red allows you to select rooms and dates.  These will be applied to the second section.

The second section in black and gray is where you can select your room and time block.  The table will configure to display the free and available slots based on the information you supplied in the first section.

Available time slots for each room are blank white.  Click on a time slot and it will turn green and the word “request” will appear.  Click all the half hour slots you require from your event start time to end time.  (The number of consecutive slots in one day clicked does not affect affect any possible reservation fees.)

Last on this page, do not forget to click “Request Reservation” at the bottom of the page.

5.  Contact/event description page:  The next page is where you include your contact information so we can notify you after we receive your request as to whether or not we can accept it.
Note:  Some of the fields are confusing as they refer to our calendar.  Only PWPL sponsored events are listed on our public events calendar. Room reservations made here by outside organizations are only visible to library staff.  We often refer to this information to direct patrons.  We also create a daily room schedule based on this information that we post near the entrances.

Important fields in the first half of the page are Event Name and Contact Name, Phone and Email.  The event description information is optional.  It is not publicly displayed but may be useful in helping our staff direct people to your program.
Most of the information in the orange fields in the middle of this page is filled automatically, based on your choices.

If you are reserving the Community, Shiras, or Heritage Rooms, you will want to choose a room set-up from the drop-down menu.
6. Terms section:  All users must agree to our Room Reservation Policy and click the corresponding box.  Pay close attention to the fee section.  Conference rooms are free to use monthly for non-profits.  Other rooms and some equipment may require fees.
At the bottom of this page, you can add a message to PWPL staff member who will be reviewing your request.  This is where you can ask about equipment use or ask any other questions you may have.

7. Once you click “Submit this Request,” expect to wait up to two business days to receive an email confirmation of your request.
8.  Watch your email! Once you’ve received confirmation, proceed with planning your event.