Patron Registration

The Peter White Public Library issues resident, non-resident, and basic library cards. All patrons who borrow materials must be registered and show their library card to borrow materials. A PWPL card can only be used by the patron to whom the card was issued. PWPL cards are not transferable.

Library materials will not be charged to any patron who does not show his/her PWPL card at the time of check out. A PWPL patron is responsible for all materials borrowed on his/her card and agrees to abide by the library lending rules, policies, and regulations.

If your card is lost or stolen, report it to the circulation desk immediately. PWPL is not responsible for fraudulent use of a PWPL card if the card is not reported as lost or stolen to the PWPL staff. Patrons are charged $3 for the replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged library card. The PWPL staff reserves the right to require any patron to verify his/her identity upon request of the PWPL staff or Library Director.

Registration Process

Online Library Card Registration is available. Click here to register for a temporary library card.  Come to the library to finish the registration process within one month.

  • All applicants must fully complete and sign the PWPL registration card. With the exception of an emancipated minor, a parent or legal guardian must sign the PWPL registration form of any applicant under 18 years of age in the presence of a PWPL staff member.
  • A post office box number may be used for mailing purposes, but a legal residence address must also be given on the PWPL registration form.
  • A patron who qualifies for a resident library card due to real or personal property ownership must also present valid legal proof of real or personal property ownership on an annual basis.
  • After an applicant shows ID, it is determined which card he/she qualifies for.
Resident Definition
A resident of the PWPL service area...
  • Can prove legal residency in the City of Marquette or one of the following townships: Chocolay, Ewing, Marquette,  Sands, Skandia, Turin, Wells, or West Branch.
  • Is the legal owner of real property in the City of Marquette or one of the service townships.
  • Is currently a legal resident of on-campus housing at Northern Michigan University.

All applicants for a resident card must present legal proof of identification and proof of current address. Examples of current proof of identification and current address include:

One of the following:
(All must list the legal name and current residency within PWPL's legal service area.)

  • A valid Michigan Driver's License
  • A valid Michigan ID card from the Office of the Secretary of State

Or any combination of 2 of the following:

  • Senior Citizen card--any picture ID
  • A valid Northern Michigan University ID card
  • Or the following with a Marquette or service-area address
  • A checkbook
  • A current utility bill
  • A current lease agreement for residential real property
  • A current bill from a major credit card company
  • A current property deed for real property
  • A current real property tax receipt for real property
  • A rent receipt for residential real property
  • A valid voter registration card for an address
  • A listing in a current telephone or city directory
  • Postmarked mail
Non-Resident Definition
  • A person who does not legally qualify for residency under any of the above definitions shall be considered a non-resident and may apply for an annual library card for a fee.
  • Non-resident library card fees are charged on three-month, six-month, or annual card rates for individuals or families. The cards are good from the date of issue through the period length of purchase. Non-resident rates below enacted September 29, 2000:
    Time period Individual Family
    One Year $120.00 $180.00
    6 Month $65.00 $95.00
    3 Month $35.00 $50.00
  • Non-resident PWPL card fees are non-refundable. Non-resident PWPL card fees are not tax-deductible. PWPL cards are not transferable. An individual non-resident PWPL card can only be used by the patron to whom the card was issued.


  • A family non-resident PWPL card will be issued to all members of the applicant's family residing at the same legal address of the applicant. These family members must be listed at the time of application. Family members cannot be added after the family card has been issued. PWPL cards will be issued to all listed family members, at no additional charge, after completion of a PWPL registration form. Family non-resident PWPL cards can only be used by the patron to whom the card was issued.
Basic Access

Residents of local group homes, shelters, treatment facilities, etc. may register for a Peter White Public Library Basic Access Card. The Basic Access Card allows the resident to use public access computers/Internet at the Library, and to borrow Library materials. Only one item may be checked out to a Basic Access Card at any given time. In order to receive a Basic Access Card, the patron must be 18 years of age.

Local facilities have been contacted, and those in charge of those facilities have been given the choice to opt into the program. Residents of these facilities are welcome to register for a Basic Access Card at the Peter White Public Library.

To register, a resident must bring the verification of residence form printed on the facility’s letterhead, and signed by an authorized staff member of the facility to the Library. The resident should also bring a valid piece of identification (school ID card or driver's license) if one is available. Alternatively, facilities may issue informal ID to their guests that may be used as verification of residency. Official ID will not be required if the facility has issued the patron an informal ID. The Basic Access Card will be valid for six months. Replacement of a lost Basic Access Card will be $3.00.

The resident is responsible for following all Peter White Public Library policies and equipment use rules. The Basic Access Card is not transferable and cardholders should not loan their card to others. Failure to comply with these policies and rules may result in the immediate revocation of the Basic Access Card.

A resident who has a record of fines, fees, or overdues at the Peter White Public Library will not be issued a Basic Access Card until the fines, fees, and overdues are paid in full.

Youth Patrons

Anyone under 18 years of age is considered to be a youth patron.
All youth PWPL card registrations must be fully completed in ink. In addition to the completion of all requested information, the card must also be signed by one legal parent or one legal guardian who has shown proof of legal address. The parent or legal guardian must sign the registration form in the presence of at least one PWPL staff member. If the signing parent has a library card at the PWPL, that account must not be blocked for fines, fees, or replacement costs.

The legal parent or legal guardian who signed the child's registration card assumes financial responsibility for all library materials charged to the child's PWPL card. This responsibility includes all overdue fines, library fees, damage fees, or replacement costs for any overdue, lost, or damaged items. The adult signing the registration form also assumes responsibility for PWPL materials charged to a child's card from the time the items are charged until they are checked in. Even if the non-signing parent is legally responsible for the child (has custody or claims the child as a dependent), he/she is not responsible for the debts on the child's library card.

Only the legal parent or legal guardian, who signed the PWPL registration card for a minor, may revoke the library card. If the card is revoked by the parent who signed the PWPL registration card, the library card itself should be confiscated and given to the Circulation Services Librarian.

Each patron may only have one library card.

The Peter White Public Library will abide by the "Michigan Library Privacy Act." This act forbids a staff member from providing anyone but the cardholder with records that identify library usage. PWPL staff members cannot inform a parent about a child's library materials unless the child is present and requests the information.
The PWPL does not restrict access to materials and equipment to patrons of any age. The PWPL Board of Trustees and staff feel it is important for parents and legal guardians to monitor the library usage of their children. The PWPL Board of Trustees and staff will not assume the responsibility of determining what materials are appropriate for children, nor will they place any restrictions on materials access upon a child's library card.

Borrowing policies:
  • Art Prints - limit of two (2) at any time.
  • Holiday Books - limit of two (2) during that holiday season.
  • In person at the Circulation Desk on the Main Floor.
  • Online - Go to then select My Library Account (right-hand column) and Renew My Materials. You will need your entire 14-digit barcode and PIN (4-digit number) to log in.
  • By telephone at 906-228-9510 when the Library is open.

Library materials will not be renewed during times when the automated library system is not in operation.

Loan Periods, Fees, Fines, and Renewal Lengths

The chart below shows fines for every material type that is checked out from the Library. This charge is per item, per day. An example of what an overdue fine on 3 books that are 4 days late: (book fine of $.25) x (3 books) x (4 days) = $3.00 due.

Material type Loan period Checkout fee Renewals Fine / day
Art prints 2 months 0 $1
Audio CD 3 weeks 2 $0.25
Books (print and audio) 3 weeks 2 $0.25
New Adult Fiction 2 weeks 2 $0.25
Magazines 2 weeks 0 $0.25
feature film
7 days $1 / 7 days 2 $0.25
7 days 2 $0.25
Reference materials Don't circulate
Telescope 7 days 1 $5
Great Lakes Digital e-books 14 days 1 NA
Great Lakes Digital audiobooks 14 days 1 NA
Great Lakes Digital streaming video 2 days 1 NA
Library Services, such as checking out materials and using the computers, will be suspended if fines exceed the amount of $10.00.
Online Access of Library Accounts

From the online catalog, patrons can use their library card and pin number to access "My Account" and renew materials, set holds on materials currently checked out or held in other partnered libraries, and check out digital materials such as ebooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Patrons can set preferences in the Personal Information tab.  As a default, the system will not keep track of your borrowing history.  Patrons who would like access to a record of the materials they've checked out from the library over time can change this by checking the checkout history box.

Unpaid Fines and Non-returned Materials

The Peter White Public Library has contracted with a collection agency to assist in recovering non-returned library materials and unpaid fines. All unresolved accounts over $25.00 will be turned over to Unique Management Services, Inc. and an additional charge of $10.00 will be added to the balance.

Why are these policies necessary?

  • The Library is committed to providing services and materials that meet patrons' needs.
  • Materials not returned become unavailable for other patrons to borrow.
  • If materials are not returned, money from the library budget is used to replace them, rather than purchasing new items.


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