Peter White Public Library Recorded Programs

Program Name Program Date PWPL Series  
Mary Doria Russell April 29, 2022 Great Michigan Read
Keith Taylor and Milton Bates April 24, 2022 Great Lakes Poetry Festival
Thomas Lynch and Kathleen Heideman April 12, 2022 Great Lakes Poetry Festival
3-Day International Chapbook Competition Reading April 9, 2022 Great Lakes Poetry Festival
U.P. Poet's Laureate Reading April 5, 2022 Great Lakes Poetry Festival
Great Lakes Poetry Festival Kickoff/Open Mic March 30,2022 Great Lakes Poetry Festival
Corey Toegel March 10, 2022 Women in Science
Renxin Yang February 11, 2022 Women in Science
B.G. Bradley February 10, 2022 Author's Reading Virtually
Jaime Crabb January 13, 2022 Women in Science
Milton Bates January 12, 2022 Author's Reading Virtually
"Little Women" Live Action Zoom Play December 20, 2021 "An Alcott Christmas"
Younce Guitar Duo December 15, 2021 Concert
T. Marie Bertineau December 9, 2021 Author's Reading Virtually
Christmas Dreams Concert December 7, 2021 An Alcott Christmas
Tuba Christmas December 5, 2021 Concert
NEA Big Read: Waa wi ye yaa November 15, 2021 NEA Big Read
NEA Big Read Keynote Address: Dr. Martin Reinhardt November 10, 2021 NEA Big Read
NEA Big Read Keynote Address: Dr. Amy Hamilton November 8, 2021 NEA Big Read
Brandon Garlow and Fiona Byrne Ryan November 1, 2021 NEA Big Read
NEA Big Read Keynote Address: April Lindala October 25, 2021 NEA Big Read
Lynn Domina October 13, 2021 NEA Big Read Keynote Speaker
B.G. Bradley "Sugar Shack" October 10, 2021 Author's Reading Virtually
Ellen Longworth September 21, 2021 Artists and Their Art:  Winslow Homer
Professor Sheena Ketchum September 9, 2021 Women in Science
Peter Markus September 8, 2021 Author's Reading Virtually
Dark Side of the Mitten Reading by Tom Carr August 31, 2021 None
Amorak Huey & Todd Kaneko August 16, 2021 Author's Reading Virtually


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