promotional photo of the seed collection housed in an old style library card catalog
Peter White Public Library is pleased to host the Queen City Seed Library, housed in an old wooden card catalog on our main floor, across from the Circulation Desk.
Seed libraries are sprouting up across the U.S. They are self-serve, and in Michigan, they are supported by Michigan agricultural laws.
The Queen City Seed Library is managed by individuals from Transition Marquette Seed Guild, MQT Growth, and representation from the MSU North Farm and Partridge Creek Farm. These groups gather and stock seeds, put them in envelopes, label them, provide directions, and keep the collection supplied with seeds.
Binders on top of the cabinet explain the “check-out” process for seed packets. Patrons are encouraged to grow extra so that they can bring new seeds to the annual Seed Swap which is held in late March, early April in the lower level of the Library.‚Äč
illustrated logo featuring a card catalog drawer with a plant sprout growing out of it

Queen City Seed Library
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