I. Purpose

The purpose of security cameras is to enhance the safety and security of Library patrons, staff,
and property. The Peter White Public Library strives to take reasonable precautions to assure a
safe and secure environment for its patrons and staff. Because library staff is unable to provide
direct supervision over all areas within the library and library grounds, security cameras have
been placed at selected locations in order to observe and record images of activities of persons
in the library and on library property. Security cameras are also provided to assist the Library
with enforcement of the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy.

II. Signs

Signs will be posted at the Library entrances, informing the public that security cameras are in

III. Data Captured

The security cameras only capture video images. Conversations or other audible communication
shall not be monitored or recorded by the security cameras.
IV. Security Camera Locations
Security cameras may be installed in locations where individuals lack a reasonable expectation of
privacy. Examples include common areas of the Library such as entrances, near book and media
collections, public seating areas, public computers, and areas prone to theft or misconduct.
Cameras will not be installed in areas of the Library where individuals have a reasonable
expectation of privacy, such as restrooms or private offices.

V. Security

The Library has no obligation to monitor the cameras in real time. As the cameras are not
constantly monitored, Library staff and the public should continue to take appropriate
precautions for their safety and for the safety of their personal property. The Library is not
responsible for the loss of property or personal injury.

VI. Surveillance Footage.

The Library considers the recorded surveillance videos to be “library records” as defined by the
Michigan Library Privacy Act. As such, the procedures for the protection and access to those
library records shall be as provided for in the Library’s Confidentiality Policy. The surveillance
videos shall be kept according to the Library’s Record Retention Policy and the Library’s record
retention policy.

Approved by Library Board of Trustees: 6/18/2019