The modern world brings with it a lot of modern stressors. How do I handle my taxes? What do I do if I want to go on a date and I’m broke? Do I need an attorney to get a divorce? 

These are all excellent questions. The great news is, most of them can be solved by going to the library. Either in-person or curbside, Peter White Public Library can try to help answer these questions. In fact, we offer a lot of services that might surprise you, including, but not limited to:

A Library of Things. You can check out books and movies at PWPL, but there’s a lot more the library offers. Consider the following items that are available for borrowing:

  • Ukuleles. Did you know that you can check out a ukulele? This is perfect for the homeschooling family figuring out music options. You can also find plenty of how-to books to accompany this check-out. 
  • Telescopes. As the night sky gets darker, you may be interested in borrowing one of our telescopes. These are fun, no matter what age you are, and it’s a great idea to borrow one for a first date — just don’t forget to bring blankets and snacks. 
  • Is it someone’s birthday? Consider checking out our novelty cake pans.  From Ernie to Strawberry Shortcake, there are plenty of options for creating a one-of-a-kind cake. With these creations, you can skip the candles while baking something special. 
  • Art Prints. Are you tired of the pictures hanging in your living room? Stop in at PWPL during our express walk-in hours. Peruse the artwork that you can take home for two months at a time. While you’re there, you can still pick up the latest James Patterson book or a blockbuster movie on DVD. 

Passports. New passports MUST be processed by a certified passport acceptance facility. We can process new passports and help with renewals (which can be mailed in by the applicant). We charge $35 for each new passport. That does not include the passport application fees or the photo fees. You can get photos taken at Marquette Wallpaper & Paint or Walgreens. You will also need a completed application form and your original birth certificate for a new passport. Passports are being done by APPOINTMENT ONLY during this time. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 906-226-4311. 

Test Proctoring. If you need to take an exam, but a proctor is required, our reference librarians are up to the task. Proctored exams cost $25 per exam. Please call us at 906-226-4311 to schedule your exam. Proctoring is always done by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Research. If you need help with research, genealogy, or eResources, call us. Our Reference Librarians can help point you in the right direction. If you need more extensive help, research services are offered for a fee. Questions? Call us at 906-226-4311.

The Legal Self-Help Center. It’s common knowledge that lawyers are expensive. If you want to get a step ahead of whatever legal problem you have, check out the library’s legal resource center. From amicable divorce options to living wills, the legal center should be a first stop source. Some of the legal resources Peter White Public Library has can be accessed online, but to get the full service, come in during our express walk-in hours and head upstairs to our dedicated legal computer center.

Digital resources. eBooks, audiobooks, streaming movies, eMagazines, and more can be found in our eLibrary. With audiobooks and eBooks available via Libby, and movies via Kanopy, your smartphone or tablet becomes a world of its own – and all just with your library card. You can also access eMagazines via RBDigital, and some newspapers online, as well. Contact the reference desk at 906-226-4311 for help figuring out what is available to you.

If you need something printed, scanned, or faxed, we have you covered. If the item you want faxed needs to be notarized first, call Brett Hubbard at 906-226-4300. She is a notary public and can make sure whatever paperwork you have is official.

We can’t do your taxes for you, but all the paperwork you need to get them done is available come March or April. 

Ask If We Can Help You

When you’re in doubt about what to do next, ask whether the library has an option for you. Our mission is to provide our community with the best services possible.

Surprising Services PWPL Offers
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