We are so grateful for the support of our community!  I am thankful that we can move forward in planning for a stable library future.
Next Steps
As a result of this election, we breathe a deep sigh of relief! The library is now in a position to absorb the known financial obstacles coming. Additionally, services will remain steady as we begin planning for the next phase: Operation, bring back extended service hours!  Please know that we hear you when you ask about Sunday Hours. While, the Headlee Override increases aren’t enough to bring in additional hours right away, it is the crucial first step in this process.
The Library Board will discuss election results at our regular Board Meeting on November 20th. This meeting is open to the public, please feel free to join us in the Shiras Room, 5:00 pm.
My deepest gratitude for your continued support of PWPL.
From the Staff, Library Board and Administration,
We thank you!
Andrea Ingmire
Library Director
Results by type and service area:

Renewal of Service:
Marquette Township: 72.13% Yes / 27.7% No
Headlee Override:
City of Marquette: 78.43% Yes / 21.57% No
Chocolay Township: 68.62% Yes / 31.38% No
Sands Township: 67.80% Yes / 32.20% No
New Services:
Powell Township: 41.63% Yes / 58.37% No

Thank you to all the supporters of PWPL who helped to spread the word about Library services in Powell Township.
As was expected, this was a close race.  We are certainly disappointed that this ballot was not successful.
However, Library services are of value to the residents of Powell Township.  For those interested in the continued efforts to offer library services in Powell Township, please consider joining the Friends of the Peter White Public Library.
We look forward to continued conversations about how the library and Powell Township can work together in the future.
Thank You Voters!
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