Do you finish reading a book and then flip back to the first page to start reading it again? Do you get so excited when the library book you’ve been waiting for comes in that you skip out of school or work to pick it up? Do you measure a “quick trip” to the library in HOURS instead of MINUTES? Is the library website in your smartphone’s Favorites?

Do you scour the interwebs for fresh listening material or wait for your favorite podcasts to update each week?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then Library Nerds with Words is the podcast for you. Join the Peter White Public Library Nerds each week as they discuss everything library. You’ll find out about new books, upcoming events, new and old services, concerts, and much more. If it’s happening at the library, the Library Nerds are here to spread the word!

A new episode drops every Monday!

Library Nerds with Words—Peter White Public Library’s new weekly podcast that proves being a nerd can be cool!

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Library Nerds with Words – A New Weekly Podcast

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