The library has a photocopier, black and white printer, color printer, wireless printer, and scanner available for use anytime the library is open. (Please note, computers shut down 10 minutes before the library closes.)


Printing is available from the public computers on the second floor. Prints can be picked up form the self-release printing station. The library card number or guest pass number will be used to log in to retrieve any print jobs. Black  and white printing is is $0.15 per page and color printing is $.75 per page.

Wireless printing is also available. A black and white printer is available for printing from devices such as phones, tablet and laptops. Users can connect their device tot he library’s wireless internet, PWPL Wifi, find their document, and select/add the printer PWPLWIFIB&W. Android users may have to download the iBrotherPrint&Scan app. Cost is $0.15 per page is to be paid at the Circulation Desk on the Main Floor.


A photocopier is located on the second floor of the library. Standard, legal, and ledger size copies are $0.15 per page for black and white and $0.75 per page for color. The machine can also scan to a USB device or to an email at no charge.


Fax services are available to the public. Rates are $1.00 per page for an outgoing fax in the continental U.S. and $.50 for incoming. For faxes to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, the cost is $2.00 per page for outgoing and $1.00 for incoming. Fax jobs are handled by Circulation Staff on the main floor and they can be reached at (906) 228-9510, ext. 2. PWPL Fax number is (906) 226-1783


Scanning is available at the scanning station on the second floor. Scans may be saved to a USB or to an email at no charge. The photocopier can also scan to a USB device or to an email at no charge.